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Absolute Uninstaller 5.3

It allows you to uninstall multiple programs at once
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Absolute Uninstaller is a free utility that helps you delete programs. According to its developers, this program goes beyond what common uninstallers offer, by being able to delete software components completely, removing the junk files and registry entries that an application leaves in your PC.

Absolute Uninstaller looks simple enough and consists of a single window that displays the list of all the programs installed in your system. To uninstall an application, you can either click the button on the toolbar or use the context menu. Probably the most interesting feature of this program is the 'batch uninstall' one, which, as it name implies, lets you remove multiple programs at once, with one click.

To everything said above, I have to add that the program does not really stand up to what its official description says, since it works exactly like the uninstaller from Windows; it uninstalls applications but does not remove all the files they leave after being uninstalled. During my test, the program quickly removed the selected programs, but did not delete the junk files and folders generated by them.

In short, I don't really see the point of burdening your PC with a new program for a task that is already covered. If you really need a program to perform a complete uninstall, Revo Uninstaller might be a better alternative. As for this one, I suggest you don't waste your time.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Batch uninstall


  • Works exactly like the Windows uninstaller
  • Does not remove all the junk files generated by programs
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